What to Consider When Performing Bathroom Remodeling

Most homeowners make the decision to remodel their bathroom because it is too outdated or because it no longer meets their needs and requirements. Even though it is tempting to go the minimalist route, it is also important to consider bathroom storage. Cabinets should never be totally eliminated, but, they can be concealed better or moved so they are not as obtrusive. Large chunky vanities can be replaced with pedestal sinks, however, try to remember to make storage elsewhere. While bathrooms can be beautiful, they must also be practical.

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Sometimes bathroom fixtures loose their aesthetic appeal over time. Should you be thinking of replacing fixtures like sinks and bathtubs, we at Olympic Exteriors Siding and Windows recommend you keep them simple and classic. Make sure your fixtures coordinate with everything such as cabinets and flooring. There is a wide range of fixtures and flooring materials you can choose from, all of which can be implement when performing a bathroom remodeling project.Bathroom Remodeling St Peters MO

Bathroom flooring is crucial, most homeowners like installing under floor heating, which we recommend with stone or concrete floors. The flooring chosen must be easy to clean, and drainage can be added to stop any standing water from damaging floors and fixtures. Carpets, wood, and other such porous materials must be avoided, as the accumulation of water will cause damage.

A professionally remodeled bathroom can increase the re-sale value of your home too. So bear this in mind when drawing up plans for a new bathroom, and try to remember not to let form take over from function. Keep your bathroom lines simple and classic, so it ages with your house.

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